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The Human By Nature company carries out studies designed to prove the interest of ADN Téloméractives. These studies are the same as those used for medicines. Food supplements do not have to undergo these trials, but we considered it essential to carry them out and give you the results – answers that give complete satisfaction and conclusions that speak for themselves.


—  DNA, astragalus, AMES

The TOXEM laboratory, specialising in medical genotoxicity, was commissioned to demonstrate the non mutagenicity of the ADN-Telomeractives© product.


The purpose of this experiment was to determine the possibly mutagenic potential of the ADN-Téloméractives© sample. This mutagenic potential is determined using the Ames fluctuation assay (Ames assay in a liquid medium). The Ames fluctuation assay has proved to be an excellent test for determining the carcinogenic potential of a chemical substance based on its mutagenic properties with respect to DNA. 

The conclusions of this analysis do not reveal any mutagenicity of ADN Téloméractives©, with or without metabolic activation (that is to say with the basic product or when the product has been degraded by digestion), whatever the concentration tested. 


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